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Hon'ble Shri Gulabraoji R. Gawande

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Mr. Sangrambhaiyya G. Gawande

Director(Shri Gurudatta Shikshan Prasarak Sansthan)

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a) Student must not loiter in the college compound or in the corridors. They should spend their leisure time in the library.
b) While ascending or descending the stairs, students should avoid over crowding and shouting. They must keep to their left on the stairs.
c) Student are strictly forbidden to enter the office, Professor common room and Principal’s Office without permission.
d) Noisy behavior by any student in the college premises, lecture hall or near the office strictly prohibited.
e) Students must be couteous in talk and behaviour amongst themselves and with others.
f) All students shall be in their seats in the classroom before start of the lecturer. No student should enter or leave the class without permission.
g) Student not attending the theory class of a particular subject will not be allowed to attend the practical of the subject. Irregular attendance in their theory or practical  
     may  leadto not forwarding examination application form to university if attendance is less than 75%.
h) Students take proper care of the college properties such as furniture and electric fixture etc. Any damage done to the college property will have to be made them and also
     they are liable to be removed from the college with bad remarks.
i) Students must not bring with them unauthorized person in the college premise, Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the students who violate this rule
j) Principal reserves his right to accept or reject the admission and it is not binding for him to show reason for that.
k) Above mention Rules Et University rules are binding on the students.

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